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Want to improve your running?

Looking to beat your PB or maybe increase your distance and try a marathon? We can help you by offering support and advice, setting you target times for distances and providing scheduled training for forthcoming events.

Mix it up...

Just running at the same pace and mileage every week is not going to make you a better runner. Make sure you incorporate different styles and paces of running to really reap the benefits and improve your performance. This doesn't need to be complicated - you can just add a few faster sections into your long run or finish your shorter run with a few sets of strides (short burts at almost full-out sprint speed). Also, try adding a recovery run to your training schedule - a short run at a slow pace to help loosen muscles after a hard/long run. For an idea of what times you should be aiming for, check out the handy calcuator at Macmillan running or check your age-related WAVA score.

Stretching the truth...

While your run is important, don't forget to warm up and cool down. This can be as simple as walking/running slowly for a few minutes before starting to run and doing the same at the end of your run. Once you've done your cool down, spend a few minutes stretching your muscles and hamstrings to maintain strength and flexibility in your joints and help reduce muscle aches. Remember, don't stretch cold muscles - if you want to strech before your run, warm up first - and never 'bounce' your stretches.

Gradual improvement...

Don't try to increase speed and distance all at once. Aim to increase your weekly mileage by no more than one mile or 10% per week, otherwise you risk overuse injuries. If you do experience any pains or niggles, cut back on your training (either its intensity or quantity) until it heals. If it persists, seek the advice of a professional - the club can provide details of several local sports physios - as trying to run though an injury can just lead to longer recovery times.

A measure of success...

If you're interested in seeing how much you've improved but don't fancy taking part in a competitive race, there is a free, timed 5KM run held every Saturday morning at Albert Park, Middlesbrough. To take part, you register online once and then you can just turn up as and when it suits you.

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