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Shape up, girls!

Ladies - cast off your heels (for a while) and embrace your trainers. Running is great way to keep fit, healthy and in shape and also to make new friends. Almost half of our members are female and our ladies captain, Donna, is always happy to welcome more.

Vital support...

New ladies can count on some friendly support from Donna and the other ladies to help get them running but we can't provide the most vital support - for that, you need a sports bra. This is an essential item: after a good pair of trainers, its the most important piece of sports equipment you'll ever buy. Even if you're fairly flat-chested, the impact of running can cause irreversible ligament damage so, to protect your vital assets, invest in a decent sports bra.

There are a range of styles and sizes available on the internet and high-street to suit all budgets (and bosoms). Good online stores include lessbounce, boobydoo, and shockabsorber and, on the highstreet, check your local running stores and good old Marks & Spencers.

Staying safe...

Safety is one of our primary concerns for our lady runners and so, particularly in the darker winter months, the club advises that women don't run alone.

We organise our club runs so that people of similar abilities run together and operate a sweeper system to ensure no-one gets left behind. We also advise all runners (male and female) to wear high-visibility clothing when running on darker nights so that you can be easily seen by motorists and other members of the club, especially in areas that have poor lighting.

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