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Welcome to Redcar Running Club

We are a small, friendly running club based at Redcar Cricket Club catering for runners of all ages and abilities. We offer a base where runners of all abilities can meet and socialise, where you can share your experiences, encourage one another and provide mutual support for your hopes and aspirations.

We meet each Wednesday evening at around 6.15pm and offer a variety of options which may include organised interval training (to help improve speed and/or stamina) and a number of routes and distances so you can choose which you want to do. We also use the running track at Guisbrough once a month for additional training.

There's also an optional longer run on Sunday mornings at 9.30am from the Mungle Jungle car-park on Majuba Road. These runs take in a variety of routes and terrain, taking in the beach and local woods to offer a change of scenery and some off-road and trail surfaces.

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